There are three permanent camping areas located at Rancho Los Mochos and one accessibility campsite. Each site has its own unique character and attribute. Prior to the establishment of the permanent camping areas, camping at Los Mochos was done mainly on the flat open area that is now the activity field and auxiliary parking lot. Refer to the Camp Map on the Resources page. Blue Oak Ridge Campground (Established 1950): o Blue Oak Ridge-North o Blue Oak Ridge-South o Crow campsite Deadwood Campground (Established 1967): o Bear Flat Lower campsite o Bear Flat Upper campsite o Yellowjacket Point campsite Manzanita Flats Campground (Established 1950): o Antelope Campsite (site 11) o Bear Campsite (site 10) o Beaver Campsite (site 8) o Bobcat Basin Campsite (site 7) o Bobwhite Campsite (site 15) o Buffalo Campsite (site 12) o Eagle Campsite (site 14) o EZ Livin’ Campsite (site 1) o Finch Flat Campsite (site 6) o Fox Campsite (site 9) o Gopher Gulch Campsite (site 2) o Hummingbird Hollow Campsite (site 4) o Owl Campsite (site 13) o Raccoon Ravine Campsite (site 5) o Raven Campsite (site 16) o Shady Acres Campsite (site 17) o Tarantula Terrance Campsite (site 3) o Woodpecker Point Campsite (site 18) Two Doves Accessible Campsite (Established 1990’s)


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